Monday, December 31, 2012

As I take a long look back I recap...What did I accomplish this year?  What can I really say U go girl to for real...? Well too many things to name and that's real.  I'm proud to say with life it self I improved and there's still room for a lil more improvement. But this time it'll be alil stronger not harder because trying it harder is a giving with me at least,  it tends to come naturally these days but I'm ever so thankful.  I met worked lost and  loved alot of people this year Im a strong believer that people come and go for a reason and this year was hard very hard so hard some days I hated the mornings and feared the nights being sick and all but once again looking back at my family and the people I met Musically, Mentally, Health wise and in Passing you taught me things how to not be so selfish or ignorant or to just be happy with what you have because life is a prize a gift not a can be taken just like I'm thankful to have met all of  you wonderful people and you know who you are!  Have a happy New Year with lots of love laughter and Good health Love SahDaya

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fa la la la la la la it's Christmas time Again!   It's coming to the end of these familiar  CYCLE'S of Setbacks to decrease, the levels of Procrastinations will quickly start moving slowly but surely, Creative minds will become more in-tuned to a focus....hmmm  and just for the moment we can have some kind of peace in the air.... 
whether for now or for ever lets enjoy the Holidays Beautiful Cheer!!!!! Luv SahDaya

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Been feeling very fatigued latley, if im not singing, dancing, writing or basically I have to be doing something every minute of the day or im just mad sleepy and it's not like im doing to much I feel like I cant do enough or maybe im being impatient, smh I dagnabit got acid reflux now cus the dang chemo and radiation is still coming out of me so it's irritating at times and im sitting here smiling as im typing lol maybe its the bipolar in me that's not really worrying right now...and I do mean right now but hey life goes sailing.... smh  Happily I gotta go to Dana Farber Cancer Institution this morning to get my 1 month check up so im excited maybe she can help with my my fatigue (spirts) overall as I just babbled Im so very thankful to be here to do this to sing again dance write speak move and tho mentally emotionally physically and vocally I have changed its just like my sis said a transition it's just a transition I have to learn like riding a bike get back right....thankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthanku.....SahDaya

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Im Mean...

Im Always speaking my words but today i speak the words of someone else best quoted by me! I mean this is so strong of a quote it'll stick with me for reads
           "To avoid disappointment  NEVER expect anything of anyone.  Ones expectations can only be fully met by ones self". 

Monday, November 19, 2012


This time of year we all reflect on what we are truly thankful for.

I'am Thankful for A second chance to live first and formost, this year has been hard but I truly made it through  Thank You!

My beautiful family with their support and love I feel I can conquer anything I put my mind to I love them

 Thank You,

My sillyness to keep me going, My feistyness to get my point across! lol and my mind because with out it I would'nt be able to have the creative Abilities to display in my music today

Thank You


Most of all,  I am thankful for all my loyal fans for buying following, posting, liking, subscribing & sharing my music and story.  "HeadShotz/BodyShotz" is just the beginning.  So much more on deck so please stay tuned.


Sunday, November 11, 2012


"As you know, It was just a few short months ago I was on the verge of quiting this crazy business out of total frustration. Today I humbully have to take a moment to sincerely thank all of you for feeling my music, realizing, recognizing, relating and sticking with me through all my struggles & helping me to get to this point.  Honestly It's all because of you. Words are just not enough to express my gratitude but I promise to keep it coming, keep inspiring, and to keep giving you the   best of me".-LUV SAHDAYA
**Please continue to support by requesting SahDaya on your favorite radio stations , clubs, & within your social circles.   Please continue spreading her passion & sharing SahDaya's music & links**
KPAT-95.7FM Santa Maria, CA
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WDZH-FM 98.7 Amp Radio Detroit, MI
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"There are no words to describe Sahdaya's incredible strength. Her story is like a Shakespearian tale -- it has the power to inspire generations".

"Your beautiful.......your sexy....and guess what? can sing...take it from a arrogant brotha because my swag is so fresh....i'm in love...i mean....i'm in awe....uh i mean i'm a fan...modern day hip-hop r&b Donna Summer with a sexyswaggalacka swag tag customized....get em gurl...nice tracks Sahdaya! "

SahDaya-so sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. God is Good and I will pray for you- U will beat this thing,just like before and you are right-our music makes us stronger. Thanks for sharing your story-you are one strong Lady! Blessings on u and your family "

"i just want to tell you what a big fan i am. And that i want to keep listening to your music but I can't get off of "Angry lover" and am sharing it with all my friends..congrats. keep kicking the shit outta music girl. "

"A most versatile SahDaya sound that echos brilliantly even when the song has ended bringing the listen/fan straight into another fabulous track,wonderful production and mixes.... "
"SahDaya, You have a diverse mix of well expressed musical ideas and feelings. The use of the musical arrangement supports the style and creates an authentic atmosphere to enjoy. "

The 'Believin' track is a hit! And I can tell youre unique & into what u do. Its something about your music & its unexplainable...keep up the good work & keep grindin! "


Monday, November 5, 2012


hmmmmm. well Im taking this time to appreciate the support and love from headshotz / bodyshotz but idk wat im feeling now,... my lows are over powering my highs and my highs aint hitting like they use to vocally I mean....whats wrong with this picture well I don't like the voice change this disease has caused and I guess now I have to learn how to use it the stamina is different and it's irritating me to the point where Im creating a wall of leave me alone when I should be happy right now  I no I no i'ts only been a month since treatment and I think im beating my self into a worry but im very impatient and I drive off of seeing change not waiting.....God give me patience  I believe in SahDaya do you?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

it's that timing...

Everyday I feel blessed but today more then others, I got up with energy strength and wisdom on my mind I got a radio interview this afternoon with one of my favorite Radio stations I grew up with and to end the night I get to be on stage with multiple talented artists what a blessing!  After not performing in like 5 months I have to say I'm a lil nervous but I'm definitely ready!!!! SahDaya

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


  I was very careful wat I asked for and he delivered somethings to me at the time he felt right for it.  Now comes the changes....dang smh alot of good reviews for (HEADSHOTZ / BODYSHOTZ) and im excited for the new year BUT SOMETHINGS DIFFERENT LOL;)  Well anywho my momma always taught me to be a fighter and to be tough with it have thick skin uno so I take it all in and I release it all out I can only do what I was put here to do SO I'll go hard doing it!!!!#embracingit thank u Im so greatfull Thank you. SahDaya

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


HEADSHOTZ/BODYSHOTZ WILL BE HERE IN JUST 6 DAYS I'm so excited! the song is great! the sound is great! the video WEEEWW the Concept is simple! As a being we are humanly enticed by our image whether the face or the body so what better way to celebrate are best asset but in song headshot bodyshotz headshotz bodyshotz but in this case headshotz get played so I thought about going alil further with some fun by adding some bodyshotzzzzzzzzz!!!!! lmao can't wait and relax u can be sexy without being naked!!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


So I went to the emergency room yesterday because I just didn't feel good Idk what was wrong I couldn't take a deep breath to save my life like I could breath but just couldn't take a deep breath hmmm,.  Ron and I walk every morning and that morning it hurt to breath, I was like damn then had the nerve to come back from the walk and start rehearsing vocals and couldn't understand why I sounded like shit well that was a bad morning.  Later that afternoon I went to the doctors found out the obvious I'm only 2weeks into my recovery and I've been grinding (Hard) point being everything is going to take some time but the moral of the story is I need to slowwww down a bit my problem is I don't no how to slow down and I can admit it I'm like one of those people that's afraid there gonna miss something if they stop, yeh that's me, but chemo did take a toll on  my body and my mental so I will listen I feel good sound good and look good but inside there's still some healing that needs some tlc and I got that to give......Thank u creator

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So my falsetto is messing with me,  tsk, tsk, tsk I mean treatment did it's thing but it really did a number on (sue)  thats what I can my high octave I have names for all of them lol but it bothered me alot during rehearsal tonight, I have to pray on it but im not gonna let it get to me cusssss,  got a hot SINGLE (HEADSHOTZ?BODYSHOTZ) coming on the 22nd with the video to follow anddddd my first show since treatment October 28th Tastemakers in HartFord CT can't stop me now! lol  Im just blessed to be able to keep up with the grind.  Im meeting alot of new people on twitter all over the world that's amazing!  I love my fans and followers they are my number one supporters of my grind and I truly appreciate it now if i can just adjust my octaves I'll be good but again im not worried:) just acknowledging what needs to be done!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's good when it's good and it's great being good .  I love the way u love me (Karen White) lol but wow this feels good the energy the joy the commitment I give,  just knowing  u always have my back.  So close up on my back you stand guiding my every move making sure I slip, correctly because I'm allowed. I'm doing it well this time and it's starting out slow just the way it should, this new found patience is, was, and will be needed to keep me striding with ease.  So Happy with my fans support,  I'am pleased. 
 It's your guidance (smh) I truly get,..and it keeps me humble to the gut,  I take this baby step and get ready for the next I'm climbing and I wont stop only to rest..inspired by Letitia Blount.SahDaya

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

U already no.....

I felt like I was the pain cause it hurt,
  I was dealing with the luck, luck of a jerk. 
 I just wanted to be happy without sickness uno,
soaked all my rags broke all my dishes to the flo,
 the kids were wondering why moms in the bed,
 hated all those IV's and hated all those meds,
the only thing I asked before I slept at night please please wake me wake me right......he Saved me
I'm saying I was happy it was gone, 
I felt so free I was bak luv loving strong,
No more Chemo/raditaion  it stopped, \
I was living life with glee oh thank u LORD,
I was bak on stage and It it was where I belonged,\
 until that day I showered Dang Come on,
here it came again I had to be strong 
 Im saying lord Lord he saved me lord..........#winning For u I drop again befor I sleep to say thank u Sahdaya

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Great week but to start another great week.  I did alot of worrying last night gotta stop that shit I think my body knows its time to get out of this mode and into the the hard grind it's cool Im ready, or I just no tomorrow I will find out if my radiation went well and Im okayed to finish treatment I guess and start my New healthy life ova ooh, yay, funnnnnnnn..... lmao Im so (Anxious) the Dr. said Im very strong and I tolerated treatment thus far well shitttttttttt that's the stubborness in me I am to WIN! SoOOOO with the Single/Video and Album on the rise Im Feeling content but wat eva I do health comes first Ino, Im just glad to be glad right now Thank u SahDaya

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

here we go

Getting ready for my count down to we go.uhhhh.... that's a happy uhhh, but I'll save my speech for the end of treatment.  So (HEADSHOTZ/BODYSHOTZ) is pretty much done just getting the release ready yayyy! Yeah after listening to the song over and over again I decided to rename it heehee yup :)(HEADSHOTZ/BODYSHOTZ) coming soooon!!!! Everything is timing I tell ya it is, you just have to know what time it is...lmao (smh)  feeling good :)SahDaya

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I guess it's that time! performance mode making options keeping it moving grooving on the road to building my new team.  This my friends takes time and  perseverance but it's moving in the  timely fashion it should...... I'm still so excited to get up with energy and umph! every morning thank u Creator Thank u...SahDaya

Monday, September 17, 2012


After my battle of the Body I'll say idc to much to say the drama of the body but it's just about done.  I honestly feel like me again.  People get tired of me talking about it and sum even feel like it's not that serious but it is,  and it was to me.   I haven't performed in almost 6months.   I haven't physically been on a stage in 4 in a half  fucking months ARE U KIDDING ME that make me cry and my manager be like you was ill you had to stop but I think of the last time I didn't stop(remember this was the same CANCER) but I didn't stop but!  I had a different chemo this time so honestly a bitch is strong but it literally kicked my ass to the grit no lye but with all that said in done I made it did it pulled threw what ever I'm just about there a week and a half to go and I can be done with this!  I do thank my Creator for giving me the strength to get up ery lol morning to dress my kids get them out to school and get off to RADIATION and back home to rehearse clean cook do my nails and luvvvvv Thank u....SahDaya

Friday, September 14, 2012


Things look Great! (HEADSHOTZ) SOUNDZ GREAT!  bodies feeling GREAT!  and 2weeks exact left for treatment man Im fo sho doing it! ladies and gents don't let anyone stand on ur SHINE u probably heard it be 4 but this time believe it!!!!!!! Loving it and still winning Good quote Charlie C.....   SahDaya

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Were there comes Drama there comes Success,  at least I feel that way,  why else does drama follow me? Im not thatttttttttt fly, or am I?,  I'm not that well,  I am talented that's it.  All I do Is fight to win and Im still winning Musically, Physically, Emotionally, and no one can't fuks with me.  
       The drive is real and it's being driven.    Believers, believe in your gurl, it's like a daily carnival of rides tho, lows and highs swoops and swirls THIS girls not aiming to be number 1, just claiming her someone,   In MyDaily/MusicalLuvStoryWorld.... 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


You see things and think WHY?' I See things that never were; and think
'WHY not?' Lets get this grind Creative ones....with love from SahDaya thia was inspired by G. B. Shaw

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


My Producer and I are going through the music on the new album there's like 30 tracks to pick from the difficulty is my voice has changed so much well Matured I'll say so there's songs with pain vocals raspy vocals fun vocals off vocals but it all works hmmmm lots of choices to make and soon I can't be fearful of this I have to embrace it I know with out a doub't (HeadShotz) is on the album...lmao 4reallllllll feeling happy wooh SahDaya

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Feeling Good!

The body feeds on man’s words. Where those words are life-giving, they are health-producing.
very Inspiring I feel....words can be so motivating, calming and moving how I've been overcoming this struggle and yet Im still WINNING.SahDaya

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Promotion time!!!

Im Like whatttt?  I have so much music to release but not the music i want to release everything is timing.  Headshotz Headshotz Headshotz wooh people be like like this song betta be fire cus this girl is amping this shit up like woah (it is) lmbao yeahhhhhhhh can't wait but I must continue to promote wats musically important to me       
 the day is a drag but the booth is where i'll be at today! heehee

Monday, August 27, 2012

She's Doing it...: Yup the block is gone1

She's Doing it...: Yup the block is gone1: through all this grinding and hissy fitting I managed to find time for me-me meaning I wrote five new tracks  back to back 3 I I'm gone s...

Yup the block is gone1

through all this grinding and hissy fitting I managed to find time for me-me meaning I wrote five new tracks  back to back 3 I I'm gone sell, 2 I'm really thinking about keeping hey looking for songs let me know I right any style bring your music or urself (shameless plugg lol) but hey! SahDaya's back!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm Not stopping i'm bout to getitget it,  taking it cool gonna do some vocal rehearsals today started last night went great sunday we gone lay down a track with the (cokeboys) "meet me at the party"  sure to be a banger i'm just saying excititeddddddddd...thank u creator ur the best!!!!! SAhDaya

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm just Sayn...

Get right, Get tight,! Keep the Grind and Blow It up as hard as I can that's the Plan (HEADSHOTZ) Coming soon!!! meanwhile imma keep the music coming lol I'm just sayn!?.:"GRINDING!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Feeling the release of the poison today it's def coming out can't wait till the well run's dry tick tick tick.  Overall feeling good, and feeling positive.  I sometimes think i sound corny but shit someone's got to be positive in this crazy shooting fighting dum ass hating sometimy world lmbao wooh so now that I got that out ( HeadShotz ) is coming realllllllllllll Soon bout DAMN time hey everything is timing......thank u creator...SahDaya

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting the schedule set...Starting the physical aspect yehhh feels good!!! now back to a regular routine.   Get up, Work out, Shower, Eat then grind whether it's rehearsal, studio or interviews it's good to feel the Grind Again heehee God is good!!! SahDaya

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vacations Over....

Hello it's ur girl Sahdaya coming back with a blast took sum time off to get back the flow..., the writers block is gone Radiation has started and the process is flowing had to deal with some lumps along the way but again with the help of my constant in your ear  supporters Krystal Blayke, Rebecca Hunter and Mr. Ronnie Ruff I pulled threw.  Real quick shot out to the people who's been holding SahDaya down sharing the love like Ronnie Ruff, Omar Harris, BigstuffProductions, L.Boogie and KB those are the producer's on the new album and big ups to my devoted tweet peeps @DJ addition, @tworedder, @yessurfm, @djaybx_djmello
@djbishop to those to those I missed I definitely appreciate the love....Im just keeping the grind awaiting my baby (headshotz) it's coming be patient SahDaya it's coming!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who me?

What a week end, I'm like focused and drowned with music news on top of  family news so traumatizing I almost feel guilty working.  I had to take a day off to get my priorities correct for a sec and sit back like damn.  But today I feel like do I really stop everything?  I just can't, I love strong but I can't live if I dwell I have to love, guide, HELP of course but be strong for us and keep moving it cus lord knows once I get in a funk there's know getting out for a grip and we don't need that.  I'm just content I guess it's gonna be what it's gonna be god's will,  but I did put up a few of my songs to be sold and I must say it's wishy washy you can't really believe or trust anyone, thing, or site but I trust my heart and my talent and I do know my song writing skills are the bomb and my songs will get in the right hands at the right time until then I'll keep GRINDING....

Friday, August 3, 2012


Seeing that it's hot out I might as well make some more hot music that's the plan right.  Feeling the change still but working through it, but feeling it.  Gotta get my impatiance down to anxious for what? gotta slow down my thinking process for real, (smh).  Overall making the necessary moves to get the job done! I thank my little workers for the continuous motivation and I thank SahDaya lol.  Every time I listen to her I instantly gain the highest confidence like woah!!! whose fly? that's what I be saying to myself out loud it get's me through every time (smiling) I'm winning in my own little space and it feels good! it may not sound like it sis but I'am, I Luv my Supporter's #SelfLuv

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SMH...I say to my-self as my mind consistently reminds me of what I want to, have to, and most importantly NEED to do.  Funny how this, these, that decision sounds easy and logical but will it fit my perfect puzzle I'm creating and not perfect because it has to be just because it sounded good lol heehee hmmm well, timings always on time and I think it's getting close to the count down a few down a few more to go will I be ready that's the answer, I learned as a being we want things so bad so bad with a passion then when we get it.......shittttttttttt not me I was made ready call me corney but this ready-ness has always kept me right!!! I'm Good #Selfluv 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

HEADSHOTZ....SMH it's becoming a job more than my passion, Im going to let free and be still with it let it do what it's gonna do.  I'm feeling alright though got a Radio Interview tonight on 

   1am our time rats.... but hey it's the GRIND  I'm happy to feel like I'm getting back into me just by the wayI get out the bed No more old style like gliding up with ease it's coming I'll wait cause when I'm back I might scream so loud this time who's knows what'll crack lol hahahaha.....SahDaya

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Feeling Good....

Had some well needed rest today 2weeks ill be back to me my strength my stamina my attitude my umf...I'm so very thankful and humble for my partner who got me through morning, noon, and night you no who u are without you I couldn't of did it thank u! R.R. Now lets grind this new album and keep it going!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Headshotz lalalalala, well video's coming along dope!  Im so glad yesterday wasn't hot I felt good and I felt energetic maybe because tomorrow  is my last CHEMOTHERATHY woohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hoooooooooooooooooo I am soooo amped if u feared me before start again because my real GRIND WAS ON STAND BY BUT ITS COMING BACK!!! I dont mean to sound cocky just proud of my skillz and happy to share them with the true believers that really appreciate good raw talent (that's me) HeadShotz, MyMusicalLuvStoryprt2, The Video SMH I keep Grinding!!!! that's all I can do especially when ur serious about ur Passion.  Thank u Jesus Luv SahDaya 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just what we needed some rain yehh,  got some nice pics back from the photo shoot just what I needed alil bit of motivation can run miles in a sista's mind uno.   I'm happy to feel well today and happy I can be someones inspiration as I do this thing called Love and Music...SahDaya Thanks Hashim and Johnetta

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picking up the pace....

Today is just hot for know reason and I'm still blocked.  Im trying to finish MyMusicalLuvStoryprt2 and I can't think!  Maybe I'm just anxious or maybe I just being picky or maybe it's that time for the monthly lol either way im not gonna force it,  my sis and my friend becca had some real inspiring words of wisdom that are really sticking to me for the good today. Yo, the devils working over time fo sho but....not on my shift if I can help it hahahaahhaa thank u jesus....SahDaya

Monday, July 16, 2012


Writers block, No stamina, Lack of motivation and No drive slow start this week I'll get through I always do I just don't like this part......SahDaya

Friday, July 13, 2012

She's Doing it...: Thinking back, April 24th 2012 my cancer was remov...

She's Doing it...: Thinking back, April 24th 2012 my cancer was remov...: Thinking back, April 24th 2012 my cancer was removed and I was to have 8 weeks of treatment.  I look back at how bummed I was to look for...
Thinking back, April 24th 2012 my cancer was removed and I was to have 8 weeks of treatment.  I look back at how bummed I was to look forward now and see how strong we are as a being.  look how quick I'm getting threw, look how easy Gods making it be for me.  Some days I really say to myself wow I'm really fighting for my life here! Sick one day weak another strong one day extra powerful the other.  July 24th my last day of Chemotherapy then Radiation I'm not to bummed about the radiation it's just laying on the table for 3 minutes then your done but it's everyday for 6weeks ugggg, but I have to do it and I have faith I won't have to do it again.....:)thank u Creator Love SahDaya

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Grind.....

Idk this grind is getting to me, peeps dont wanna call back albums being pushed back,  singles pushed back, rehearsals pushed back, wtf is going on.......I need my MANAGEMENT to hear me calling out HELLO!!!!!  I'm saying im getting bored and it takes alot for me to get there especially with the Sahdaya project someone better step up and see me for what im just saying recognized im gifted and im in artist "and I'm sensative about my SHIT!"  SahDaya loves her creator he knows my creative heart. (Thank u jesusfor my strength)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Feelingggggggg Gerrr-rate! heehee well had a great day yesterday Shot my video for (HeadShotz) uno someone had mentioned I should of named the song Bodyshotz idk it was weird it was one of those things where I sat back and actually thought for a second, like hmm.  So like I was saying we rock the video shoot yesterday lord knows it was hot I had some out side scenes which was really pretty but that sun and my fro whew! but overall good people good vibes the stylists was on point with everything! and I ended up turning my day around because the morning was no joke no one would of wanted to shoot a cookie at me let a known a video hahahahha anyways Thank u Jesus thank u thank u with luv, SahDaya

Thursday, July 5, 2012


What's up ya'll I hope everybody's 4th was nice, as for me I can't complain.  The weather has been pretty descent so what else can you ask for?  Headshotz, hmmm what happen to my release I'm just saying and You know who I'm talking to don't make me look dumb if you give me a date deliver! Damn it!  Sometimes I have to sit back and think before I do shit not say shit cus my actions always speak faster idk Im overwhelmed this week well anxious I guess big day Sunday,  Can't wait gotta get some rest I think that's
what it is I've had this over powering bursts of energy and I've been utilizing it well.  Thank u Jesus for giving me the strength to deal!  SahDaya

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chemo Brain!

Well who would of thought me the one that's on point with everything in memory lane would forget something so important?  Since going through treatment I realized I'm strong but I do break and I most definitely not the same woman I was a month ago.  Physically I'm still fly heeheehee jk but mentally and emotionally I'm weak :"(  So the other day when I was really ill I couldn't comprehend my emotions and my physical state,  I just broke sobbing softly it was brief but the day of feeling yucky lasted for almost two days until I woke up around 6 the next morning with my memory back and was like damnnnnnnnnnn!  So I realized why I was so sick I forgot to take my Chemo meds DANGEROUS! I'll neva do that shit again I set a timer on my phone so I can remember, 24 more days 2 more treatments counting it down July 10th will leave one more then I'm done with Chemotherapy Thank u Jesus for getting me through,  with Luv from SahDaya

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Otherwise life is good...

Today was a nice day outside a lil breeze to set the mood ummm nice! as for me I wasn't really in it to enjoy it.  I experienced non-stop sleeping spurts mixed with weights of weakness meaning I could barely left my legs to walk guess this weeks gonna be a task but I'LL get through I always do!  Im just happy to be alive so I can talk about it for the next woman or man suffering temporarily.  Otherwise life is good I've been meeting a lot of musical brothers and sisters and that im loving, all I can do is live this life the way God is guiding me and Im So very Thankful!...SahDaya


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wat eva it takes...but take it easy gurl

I've been tryn my hardest tryn to do my best.  At days I feel thats not good enough,  At times I feel my career has set its age no, that excuse isn't good enough, I do wat eva it take to get the job done kids, work,  health,  family,  but then I play it all bak in MyMusicalLuvStory and say,  this is good but, gurllll you got's to take it easy life ain't passing u bye,  your flying pass your signs,  messages and your missing out on a lot of knowledgeable factors that's needed to keep you afloat in this big ol' world we call struggling.  
Sometimes I think how do I deal hmmm well lets see,  Saturday the beach was(fun), Sunday rehearsal was (dope),  Monday rest (ahhhhhh), Today Chemo (peepee) alert  and hey all I can say is I vent I need to I'm bipolarif I hold this shit in I'm no good so I like to express my feeling openingly now and it only gets better, today was a good day so no drama yet lmao but thank u for taking ur time to hear about me it's good to deal then release the toxins are away with until next time Peace.....

Om33zY(Different Time Zone)FL STUDIO 10)

SahDayasosexy is feeling this track!!!
 Om33zY(Different Time Zone)FL STUDIO 10)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alot of changes this month....alot of changes this year Cancer came back,  Kinda pissed me off 2 the front, but I realized something I use to fight in Elementary school, Middle school, High school fighing in traffic,  fighting at the grocery store,  fighting doctors,  fighting everyone and I used to think why the fuck am I so defensive I mean I know part of it is my upbringing and part of it it is just me being a bad ass but,  I had a a real fight one time in 2010,  that was when my ex-husband took my son for a while my son was 3 at the time (moral) I realized, I wasn't a bad ass I was out of control someone had to teach me how to take it down a notch to prepare me for the real fight, which is this I dont cry, I don't say why me anymore, I deal .....this too like my son leaving is temporary, and the SahDaya behind all this sickness will comeout again I look at it as a break I go so strong maybe a break was due,......SahDaya