Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So my falsetto is messing with me,  tsk, tsk, tsk I mean treatment did it's thing but it really did a number on (sue)  thats what I can my high octave I have names for all of them lol but it bothered me alot during rehearsal tonight, I have to pray on it but im not gonna let it get to me cusssss,  got a hot SINGLE (HEADSHOTZ?BODYSHOTZ) coming on the 22nd with the video to follow anddddd my first show since treatment October 28th Tastemakers in HartFord CT can't stop me now! lol  Im just blessed to be able to keep up with the grind.  Im meeting alot of new people on twitter all over the world that's amazing!  I love my fans and followers they are my number one supporters of my grind and I truly appreciate it now if i can just adjust my octaves I'll be good but again im not worried:) just acknowledging what needs to be done!

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