Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Promotion time!!!

Im Like whatttt?  I have so much music to release but not the music i want to release everything is timing.  Headshotz Headshotz Headshotz wooh people be like like this song betta be fire cus this girl is amping this shit up like woah (it is) lmbao yeahhhhhhhh can't wait but I must continue to promote wats musically important to me            www.reverbnation.com/sahdaya www.youtube.com/sahdayaofficial1     
 the day is a drag but the booth is where i'll be at today! heehee

Monday, August 27, 2012

She's Doing it...: Yup the block is gone1

She's Doing it...: Yup the block is gone1: through all this grinding and hissy fitting I managed to find time for me-me meaning I wrote five new tracks  back to back 3 I I'm gone s...

Yup the block is gone1

through all this grinding and hissy fitting I managed to find time for me-me meaning I wrote five new tracks  back to back 3 I I'm gone sell, 2 I'm really thinking about keeping hey looking for songs let me know I right any style bring your music or urself (shameless plugg lol) but hey! SahDaya's back!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm Not stopping i'm bout to getitget it,  taking it cool gonna do some vocal rehearsals today started last night went great uno...lol sunday we gone lay down a track with the (cokeboys) "meet me at the party"  sure to be a banger i'm just saying excititeddddddddd...thank u creator ur the best!!!!! SAhDaya

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm just Sayn...

Get right, Get tight,! Keep the Grind and Blow It up as hard as I can that's the Plan (HEADSHOTZ) Coming soon!!! meanwhile imma keep the music coming www.reverbnation.com/sahdaya lol I'm just sayn!?.:"GRINDING!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Feeling the release of the poison today it's def coming out can't wait till the well run's dry tick tick tick.  Overall feeling good, and feeling positive.  I sometimes think i sound corny but shit someone's got to be positive in this crazy shooting fighting dum ass hating sometimy world lmbao wooh so now that I got that out ( HeadShotz ) is coming realllllllllllll Soon bout DAMN time hey everything is timing......thank u creator...SahDaya

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting the schedule set...Starting the physical aspect yehhh feels good!!! now back to a regular routine.   Get up, Work out, Shower, Eat then grind whether it's rehearsal, studio or interviews it's good to feel the Grind Again heehee God is good!!! SahDaya

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vacations Over....

Hello it's ur girl Sahdaya coming back with a blast took sum time off to get back the flow..., the writers block is gone Radiation has started and the process is flowing had to deal with some lumps along the way but again with the help of my constant in your ear  supporters Krystal Blayke, Rebecca Hunter and Mr. Ronnie Ruff I pulled threw.  Real quick shot out to the people who's been holding SahDaya down sharing the love like Ronnie Ruff, Omar Harris, BigstuffProductions, L.Boogie and KB those are the producer's on the new album and big ups to my devoted tweet peeps @DJ addition, @tworedder, @yessurfm, @djaybx_djmello
@djbishop to those to those I missed I definitely appreciate the love....Im just keeping the grind awaiting my baby (headshotz) it's coming be patient SahDaya it's coming!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who me?

What a week end, I'm like focused and drowned with music news on top of  family news so traumatizing I almost feel guilty working.  I had to take a day off to get my priorities correct for a sec and sit back like damn.  But today I feel like do I really stop everything?  I just can't, I love strong but I can't live if I dwell I have to love, guide, HELP of course but be strong for us and keep moving it cus lord knows once I get in a funk there's know getting out for a grip and we don't need that.  I'm just content I guess it's gonna be what it's gonna be god's will,  but I did put up a few of my songs to be sold and I must say it's wishy washy you can't really believe or trust anyone, thing, or site but I trust my heart and my talent and I do know my song writing skills are the bomb and my songs will get in the right hands at the right time until then I'll keep GRINDING....

Friday, August 3, 2012


Seeing that it's hot out I might as well make some more hot music that's the plan right.  Feeling the change still but working through it, but feeling it.  Gotta get my impatiance down to anxious for what? gotta slow down my thinking process for real, (smh).  Overall making the necessary moves to get the job done! I thank my little workers for the continuous motivation and I thank SahDaya lol.  Every time I listen to her I instantly gain the highest confidence like woah!!! whose fly? that's what I be saying to myself out loud it get's me through every time (smiling) I'm winning in my own little space and it feels good! it may not sound like it sis but I'am, I Luv my Supporter's #SelfLuv