Friday, August 17, 2012

Vacations Over....

Hello it's ur girl Sahdaya coming back with a blast took sum time off to get back the flow..., the writers block is gone Radiation has started and the process is flowing had to deal with some lumps along the way but again with the help of my constant in your ear  supporters Krystal Blayke, Rebecca Hunter and Mr. Ronnie Ruff I pulled threw.  Real quick shot out to the people who's been holding SahDaya down sharing the love like Ronnie Ruff, Omar Harris, BigstuffProductions, L.Boogie and KB those are the producer's on the new album and big ups to my devoted tweet peeps @DJ addition, @tworedder, @yessurfm, @djaybx_djmello
@djbishop to those to those I missed I definitely appreciate the love....Im just keeping the grind awaiting my baby (headshotz) it's coming be patient SahDaya it's coming!

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