Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chemo Brain!

Well who would of thought me the one that's on point with everything in memory lane would forget something so important?  Since going through treatment I realized I'm strong but I do break and I most definitely not the same woman I was a month ago.  Physically I'm still fly heeheehee jk but mentally and emotionally I'm weak :"(  So the other day when I was really ill I couldn't comprehend my emotions and my physical state,  I just broke sobbing softly it was brief but the day of feeling yucky lasted for almost two days until I woke up around 6 the next morning with my memory back and was like damnnnnnnnnnn!  So I realized why I was so sick I forgot to take my Chemo meds DANGEROUS! I'll neva do that shit again I set a timer on my phone so I can remember, 24 more days 2 more treatments counting it down July 10th will leave one more then I'm done with Chemotherapy Thank u Jesus for getting me through,  with Luv from SahDaya

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Otherwise life is good...

Today was a nice day outside a lil breeze to set the mood ummm nice! as for me I wasn't really in it to enjoy it.  I experienced non-stop sleeping spurts mixed with weights of weakness meaning I could barely left my legs to walk guess this weeks gonna be a task but I'LL get through I always do!  Im just happy to be alive so I can talk about it for the next woman or man suffering temporarily.  Otherwise life is good I've been meeting a lot of musical brothers and sisters and that im loving, all I can do is live this life the way God is guiding me and Im So very Thankful!...SahDaya


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wat eva it takes...but take it easy gurl

I've been tryn my hardest tryn to do my best.  At days I feel thats not good enough,  At times I feel my career has set its age no, that excuse isn't good enough, I do wat eva it take to get the job done kids, work,  health,  family,  but then I play it all bak in MyMusicalLuvStory and say,  this is good but, gurllll you got's to take it easy life ain't passing u bye,  your flying pass your signs,  messages and your missing out on a lot of knowledgeable factors that's needed to keep you afloat in this big ol' world we call struggling.  
Sometimes I think how do I deal hmmm well lets see,  Saturday the beach was(fun), Sunday rehearsal was (dope),  Monday rest (ahhhhhh), Today Chemo (peepee) alert  and hey all I can say is I vent I need to I'm bipolarif I hold this shit in I'm no good so I like to express my feeling openingly now and it only gets better, today was a good day so no drama yet lmao but thank u for taking ur time to hear about me it's good to deal then release the toxins are away with until next time Peace.....

Om33zY(Different Time Zone)FL STUDIO 10)

SahDayasosexy is feeling this track!!!
 Om33zY(Different Time Zone)FL STUDIO 10)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alot of changes this month....alot of changes this year Cancer came back,  Kinda pissed me off 2 the front, but I realized something I use to fight in Elementary school, Middle school, High school fighing in traffic,  fighting at the grocery store,  fighting doctors,  fighting everyone and I used to think why the fuck am I so defensive I mean I know part of it is my upbringing and part of it it is just me being a bad ass but,  I had a a real fight one time in 2010,  that was when my ex-husband took my son for a while my son was 3 at the time (moral) I realized, I wasn't a bad ass I was out of control someone had to teach me how to take it down a notch to prepare me for the real fight, which is this I dont cry, I don't say why me anymore, I deal .....this too like my son leaving is temporary, and the SahDaya behind all this sickness will comeout again I look at it as a break I go so strong maybe a break was due,......SahDaya