Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wat eva it takes...but take it easy gurl

I've been tryn my hardest tryn to do my best.  At days I feel thats not good enough,  At times I feel my career has set its age no, that excuse isn't good enough, I do wat eva it take to get the job done kids, work,  health,  family,  but then I play it all bak in MyMusicalLuvStory and say,  this is good but, gurllll you got's to take it easy life ain't passing u bye,  your flying pass your signs,  messages and your missing out on a lot of knowledgeable factors that's needed to keep you afloat in this big ol' world we call struggling.  
Sometimes I think how do I deal hmmm well lets see,  Saturday the beach was(fun), Sunday rehearsal was (dope),  Monday rest (ahhhhhh), Today Chemo (peepee) alert  and hey all I can say is I vent I need to I'm bipolarif I hold this shit in I'm no good so I like to express my feeling openingly now and it only gets better, today was a good day so no drama yet lmao but thank u for taking ur time to hear about me it's good to deal then release the toxins are away with until next time Peace..... 

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