Sunday, October 28, 2012

it's that timing...

Everyday I feel blessed but today more then others, I got up with energy strength and wisdom on my mind I got a radio interview this afternoon with one of my favorite Radio stations I grew up with and to end the night I get to be on stage with multiple talented artists what a blessing!  After not performing in like 5 months I have to say I'm a lil nervous but I'm definitely ready!!!! SahDaya

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


  I was very careful wat I asked for and he delivered somethings to me at the time he felt right for it.  Now comes the changes....dang smh alot of good reviews for (HEADSHOTZ / BODYSHOTZ) and im excited for the new year BUT SOMETHINGS DIFFERENT LOL;)  Well anywho my momma always taught me to be a fighter and to be tough with it have thick skin uno so I take it all in and I release it all out I can only do what I was put here to do SO I'll go hard doing it!!!!#embracingit thank u Im so greatfull Thank you. SahDaya

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


HEADSHOTZ/BODYSHOTZ WILL BE HERE IN JUST 6 DAYS I'm so excited! the song is great! the sound is great! the video WEEEWW the Concept is simple! As a being we are humanly enticed by our image whether the face or the body so what better way to celebrate are best asset but in song headshot bodyshotz headshotz bodyshotz but in this case headshotz get played so I thought about going alil further with some fun by adding some bodyshotzzzzzzzzz!!!!! lmao can't wait and relax u can be sexy without being naked!!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


So I went to the emergency room yesterday because I just didn't feel good Idk what was wrong I couldn't take a deep breath to save my life like I could breath but just couldn't take a deep breath hmmm,.  Ron and I walk every morning and that morning it hurt to breath, I was like damn then had the nerve to come back from the walk and start rehearsing vocals and couldn't understand why I sounded like shit well that was a bad morning.  Later that afternoon I went to the doctors found out the obvious I'm only 2weeks into my recovery and I've been grinding (Hard) point being everything is going to take some time but the moral of the story is I need to slowwww down a bit my problem is I don't no how to slow down and I can admit it I'm like one of those people that's afraid there gonna miss something if they stop, yeh that's me, but chemo did take a toll on  my body and my mental so I will listen I feel good sound good and look good but inside there's still some healing that needs some tlc and I got that to give......Thank u creator

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So my falsetto is messing with me,  tsk, tsk, tsk I mean treatment did it's thing but it really did a number on (sue)  thats what I can my high octave I have names for all of them lol but it bothered me alot during rehearsal tonight, I have to pray on it but im not gonna let it get to me cusssss,  got a hot SINGLE (HEADSHOTZ?BODYSHOTZ) coming on the 22nd with the video to follow anddddd my first show since treatment October 28th Tastemakers in HartFord CT can't stop me now! lol  Im just blessed to be able to keep up with the grind.  Im meeting alot of new people on twitter all over the world that's amazing!  I love my fans and followers they are my number one supporters of my grind and I truly appreciate it now if i can just adjust my octaves I'll be good but again im not worried:) just acknowledging what needs to be done!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's good when it's good and it's great being good .  I love the way u love me (Karen White) lol but wow this feels good the energy the joy the commitment I give,  just knowing  u always have my back.  So close up on my back you stand guiding my every move making sure I slip, correctly because I'm allowed. I'm doing it well this time and it's starting out slow just the way it should, this new found patience is, was, and will be needed to keep me striding with ease.  So Happy with my fans support,  I'am pleased. 
 It's your guidance (smh) I truly get,..and it keeps me humble to the gut,  I take this baby step and get ready for the next I'm climbing and I wont stop only to rest..inspired by Letitia Blount.SahDaya

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

U already no.....

I felt like I was the pain cause it hurt,
  I was dealing with the luck, luck of a jerk. 
 I just wanted to be happy without sickness uno,
soaked all my rags broke all my dishes to the flo,
 the kids were wondering why moms in the bed,
 hated all those IV's and hated all those meds,
the only thing I asked before I slept at night please please wake me wake me right......he Saved me
I'm saying I was happy it was gone, 
I felt so free I was bak luv loving strong,
No more Chemo/raditaion  it stopped, \
I was living life with glee oh thank u LORD,
I was bak on stage and It it was where I belonged,\
 until that day I showered Dang Come on,
here it came again I had to be strong 
 Im saying lord Lord he saved me lord..........#winning For u I drop again befor I sleep to say thank u Sahdaya