Sunday, September 30, 2012

Great week but to start another great week.  I did alot of worrying last night gotta stop that shit I think my body knows its time to get out of this mode and into the the hard grind it's cool Im ready, or I just no tomorrow I will find out if my radiation went well and Im okayed to finish treatment I guess and start my New healthy life ova ooh, yay, funnnnnnnn..... lmao Im so (Anxious) the Dr. said Im very strong and I tolerated treatment thus far well shitttttttttt that's the stubborness in me I am to WIN! SoOOOO with the Single/Video and Album on the rise Im Feeling content but wat eva I do health comes first Ino, Im just glad to be glad right now Thank u SahDaya

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

here we go

Getting ready for my count down to we go.uhhhh.... that's a happy uhhh, but I'll save my speech for the end of treatment.  So (HEADSHOTZ/BODYSHOTZ) is pretty much done just getting the release ready yayyy! Yeah after listening to the song over and over again I decided to rename it heehee yup :)(HEADSHOTZ/BODYSHOTZ) coming soooon!!!! Everything is timing I tell ya it is, you just have to know what time it is...lmao (smh)  feeling good :)SahDaya

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I guess it's that time! performance mode making options keeping it moving grooving on the road to building my new team.  This my friends takes time and  perseverance but it's moving in the  timely fashion it should...... I'm still so excited to get up with energy and umph! every morning thank u Creator Thank u...SahDaya

Monday, September 17, 2012


After my battle of the Body I'll say idc to much to say the drama of the body but it's just about done.  I honestly feel like me again.  People get tired of me talking about it and sum even feel like it's not that serious but it is,  and it was to me.   I haven't performed in almost 6months.   I haven't physically been on a stage in 4 in a half  fucking months ARE U KIDDING ME that make me cry and my manager be like you was ill you had to stop but I think of the last time I didn't stop(remember this was the same CANCER) but I didn't stop but!  I had a different chemo this time so honestly a bitch is strong but it literally kicked my ass to the grit no lye but with all that said in done I made it did it pulled threw what ever I'm just about there a week and a half to go and I can be done with this!  I do thank my Creator for giving me the strength to get up ery lol morning to dress my kids get them out to school and get off to RADIATION and back home to rehearse clean cook do my nails and luvvvvv Thank u....SahDaya

Friday, September 14, 2012


Things look Great! (HEADSHOTZ) SOUNDZ GREAT!  bodies feeling GREAT!  and 2weeks exact left for treatment man Im fo sho doing it! ladies and gents don't let anyone stand on ur SHINE u probably heard it be 4 but this time believe it!!!!!!! Loving it and still winning Good quote Charlie C.....   SahDaya

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Were there comes Drama there comes Success,  at least I feel that way,  why else does drama follow me? Im not thatttttttttt fly, or am I?,  I'm not that well,  I am talented that's it.  All I do Is fight to win and Im still winning Musically, Physically, Emotionally, and no one can't fuks with me.  
       The drive is real and it's being driven.    Believers, believe in your gurl, it's like a daily carnival of rides tho, lows and highs swoops and swirls THIS girls not aiming to be number 1, just claiming her someone,   In MyDaily/MusicalLuvStoryWorld.... 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


You see things and think WHY?' I See things that never were; and think
'WHY not?' Lets get this grind Creative ones....with love from SahDaya thia was inspired by G. B. Shaw

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


My Producer and I are going through the music on the new album there's like 30 tracks to pick from the difficulty is my voice has changed so much well Matured I'll say so there's songs with pain vocals raspy vocals fun vocals off vocals but it all works hmmmm lots of choices to make and soon I can't be fearful of this I have to embrace it I know with out a doub't (HeadShotz) is on the album...lmao 4reallllllll feeling happy wooh SahDaya

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Feeling Good!

The body feeds on man’s words. Where those words are life-giving, they are health-producing.
very Inspiring I feel....words can be so motivating, calming and moving how I've been overcoming this struggle and yet Im still WINNING.SahDaya