Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SMH...I say to my-self as my mind consistently reminds me of what I want to, have to, and most importantly NEED to do.  Funny how this, these, that decision sounds easy and logical but will it fit my perfect puzzle I'm creating and not perfect because it has to be just because it sounded good lol heehee hmmm well, timings always on time and I think it's getting close to the count down a few down a few more to go will I be ready that's the answer, I learned as a being we want things so bad so bad with a passion then when we get it.......shittttttttttt not me I was made ready call me corney but this ready-ness has always kept me right!!! I'm Good #Selfluv 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

HEADSHOTZ....SMH it's becoming a job more than my passion, Im going to let free and be still with it let it do what it's gonna do.  I'm feeling alright though got a Radio Interview tonight on


   1am our time rats.... but hey it's the GRIND  I'm happy to feel like I'm getting back into me just by the wayI get out the bed No more old style like gliding up with ease it's coming I'll wait cause when I'm back I might scream so loud this time who's knows what'll crack lol hahahaha.....SahDaya

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Feeling Good....

Had some well needed rest today 2weeks ill be back to me my strength my stamina my attitude my umf...I'm so very thankful and humble for my partner who got me through morning, noon, and night you no who u are without you I couldn't of did it thank u! R.R. Now lets grind this new album and keep it going!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Headshotz lalalalala, well video's coming along dope!  Im so glad yesterday wasn't hot I felt good and I felt energetic maybe because tomorrow  is my last CHEMOTHERATHY woohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hoooooooooooooooooo I am soooo amped if u feared me before start again because my real GRIND WAS ON STAND BY BUT ITS COMING BACK!!! I dont mean to sound cocky just proud of my skillz and happy to share them with the true believers that really appreciate good raw talent (that's me) HeadShotz, MyMusicalLuvStoryprt2, The Video SMH I keep Grinding!!!! that's all I can do especially when ur serious about ur Passion.  Thank u Jesus Luv SahDaya 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just what we needed some rain yehh,  got some nice pics back from the photo shoot just what I needed alil bit of motivation can run miles in a sista's mind uno.   I'm happy to feel well today and happy I can be someones inspiration as I do this thing called Love and Music...SahDaya Thanks Hashim and Johnetta

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picking up the pace....

Today is just hot for know reason and I'm still blocked.  Im trying to finish MyMusicalLuvStoryprt2 and I can't think!  Maybe I'm just anxious or maybe I just being picky or maybe it's that time for the monthly lol either way im not gonna force it,  my sis and my friend becca had some real inspiring words of wisdom that are really sticking to me for the good today. Yo, the devils working over time fo sho but....not on my shift if I can help it hahahaahhaa thank u jesus....SahDaya

Monday, July 16, 2012


Writers block, No stamina, Lack of motivation and No drive slow start this week I'll get through I always do I just don't like this part......SahDaya

Friday, July 13, 2012

She's Doing it...: Thinking back, April 24th 2012 my cancer was remov...

She's Doing it...: Thinking back, April 24th 2012 my cancer was remov...: Thinking back, April 24th 2012 my cancer was removed and I was to have 8 weeks of treatment.  I look back at how bummed I was to look for...
Thinking back, April 24th 2012 my cancer was removed and I was to have 8 weeks of treatment.  I look back at how bummed I was to look forward now and see how strong we are as a being.  look how quick I'm getting threw, look how easy Gods making it be for me.  Some days I really say to myself wow I'm really fighting for my life here! Sick one day weak another strong one day extra powerful the other.  July 24th my last day of Chemotherapy then Radiation I'm not to bummed about the radiation it's just laying on the table for 3 minutes then your done but it's everyday for 6weeks ugggg, but I have to do it and I have faith I won't have to do it again.....:)thank u Creator Love SahDaya

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Grind.....

Idk this grind is getting to me, peeps dont wanna call back albums being pushed back,  singles pushed back, rehearsals pushed back, wtf is going on.......I need my MANAGEMENT to hear me calling out HELLO!!!!!  I'm saying im getting bored and it takes alot for me to get there especially with the Sahdaya project someone better step up and see me for what im worth....im just saying recognized im gifted and im in artist "and I'm sensative about my SHIT!"  SahDaya loves her creator he knows my creative heart. (Thank u jesusfor my strength)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Feelingggggggg Gerrr-rate! heehee well had a great day yesterday Shot my video for (HeadShotz) uno someone had mentioned I should of named the song Bodyshotz idk it was weird it was one of those things where I sat back and actually thought for a second, like hmm.  So like I was saying we rock the video shoot yesterday lord knows it was hot I had some out side scenes which was really pretty but that sun and my fro whew! but overall good people good vibes the stylists was on point with everything! and I ended up turning my day around because the morning was no joke no one would of wanted to shoot a cookie at me let a known a video hahahahha anyways Thank u Jesus thank u thank u with luv, SahDaya

Thursday, July 5, 2012


What's up ya'll I hope everybody's 4th was nice, as for me I can't complain.  The weather has been pretty descent so what else can you ask for?  Headshotz, hmmm what happen to my release I'm just saying and You know who I'm talking to don't make me look dumb if you give me a date deliver! Damn it!  Sometimes I have to sit back and think before I do shit not say shit cus my actions always speak faster idk Im overwhelmed this week well anxious I guess big day Sunday,  Can't wait gotta get some rest I think that's
what it is I've had this over powering bursts of energy and I've been utilizing it well.  Thank u Jesus for giving me the strength to deal!  SahDaya