Saturday, October 13, 2012


So I went to the emergency room yesterday because I just didn't feel good Idk what was wrong I couldn't take a deep breath to save my life like I could breath but just couldn't take a deep breath hmmm,.  Ron and I walk every morning and that morning it hurt to breath, I was like damn then had the nerve to come back from the walk and start rehearsing vocals and couldn't understand why I sounded like shit well that was a bad morning.  Later that afternoon I went to the doctors found out the obvious I'm only 2weeks into my recovery and I've been grinding (Hard) point being everything is going to take some time but the moral of the story is I need to slowwww down a bit my problem is I don't no how to slow down and I can admit it I'm like one of those people that's afraid there gonna miss something if they stop, yeh that's me, but chemo did take a toll on  my body and my mental so I will listen I feel good sound good and look good but inside there's still some healing that needs some tlc and I got that to give......Thank u creator

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