Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's good when it's good and it's great being good .  I love the way u love me (Karen White) lol but wow this feels good the energy the joy the commitment I give,  just knowing  u always have my back.  So close up on my back you stand guiding my every move making sure I slip, correctly because I'm allowed. I'm doing it well this time and it's starting out slow just the way it should, this new found patience is, was, and will be needed to keep me striding with ease.  So Happy with my fans support,  I'am pleased. 
 It's your guidance (smh) I truly get,..and it keeps me humble to the gut,  I take this baby step and get ready for the next I'm climbing and I wont stop only to rest..inspired by Letitia Blount.SahDaya

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