Wednesday, October 3, 2012

U already no.....

I felt like I was the pain cause it hurt,
  I was dealing with the luck, luck of a jerk. 
 I just wanted to be happy without sickness uno,
soaked all my rags broke all my dishes to the flo,
 the kids were wondering why moms in the bed,
 hated all those IV's and hated all those meds,
the only thing I asked before I slept at night please please wake me wake me right......he Saved me
I'm saying I was happy it was gone, 
I felt so free I was bak luv loving strong,
No more Chemo/raditaion  it stopped, \
I was living life with glee oh thank u LORD,
I was bak on stage and It it was where I belonged,\
 until that day I showered Dang Come on,
here it came again I had to be strong 
 Im saying lord Lord he saved me lord..........#winning For u I drop again befor I sleep to say thank u Sahdaya

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