Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chemo Brain!

Well who would of thought me the one that's on point with everything in memory lane would forget something so important?  Since going through treatment I realized I'm strong but I do break and I most definitely not the same woman I was a month ago.  Physically I'm still fly heeheehee jk but mentally and emotionally I'm weak :"(  So the other day when I was really ill I couldn't comprehend my emotions and my physical state,  I just broke sobbing softly it was brief but the day of feeling yucky lasted for almost two days until I woke up around 6 the next morning with my memory back and was like damnnnnnnnnnn!  So I realized why I was so sick I forgot to take my Chemo meds DANGEROUS! I'll neva do that shit again I set a timer on my phone so I can remember, 24 more days 2 more treatments counting it down July 10th will leave one more then I'm done with Chemotherapy Thank u Jesus for getting me through,  with Luv from SahDaya

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