Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alot of changes this month....alot of changes this year Cancer came back,  Kinda pissed me off 2 the front, but I realized something I use to fight in Elementary school, Middle school, High school fighing in traffic,  fighting at the grocery store,  fighting doctors,  fighting everyone and I used to think why the fuck am I so defensive I mean I know part of it is my upbringing and part of it it is just me being a bad ass but,  I had a a real fight one time in 2010,  that was when my ex-husband took my son for a while my son was 3 at the time (moral) I realized, I wasn't a bad ass I was out of control someone had to teach me how to take it down a notch to prepare me for the real fight, which is this I dont cry, I don't say why me anymore, I deal .....this too like my son leaving is temporary, and the SahDaya behind all this sickness will comeout again I look at it as a break I go so strong maybe a break was due,......SahDaya

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