Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who me?

What a week end, I'm like focused and drowned with music news on top of  family news so traumatizing I almost feel guilty working.  I had to take a day off to get my priorities correct for a sec and sit back like damn.  But today I feel like do I really stop everything?  I just can't, I love strong but I can't live if I dwell I have to love, guide, HELP of course but be strong for us and keep moving it cus lord knows once I get in a funk there's know getting out for a grip and we don't need that.  I'm just content I guess it's gonna be what it's gonna be god's will,  but I did put up a few of my songs to be sold and I must say it's wishy washy you can't really believe or trust anyone, thing, or site but I trust my heart and my talent and I do know my song writing skills are the bomb and my songs will get in the right hands at the right time until then I'll keep GRINDING....

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