Monday, December 31, 2012

As I take a long look back I recap...What did I accomplish this year?  What can I really say U go girl to for real...? Well too many things to name and that's real.  I'm proud to say with life it self I improved and there's still room for a lil more improvement. But this time it'll be alil stronger not harder because trying it harder is a giving with me at least,  it tends to come naturally these days but I'm ever so thankful.  I met worked lost and  loved alot of people this year Im a strong believer that people come and go for a reason and this year was hard very hard so hard some days I hated the mornings and feared the nights being sick and all but once again looking back at my family and the people I met Musically, Mentally, Health wise and in Passing you taught me things how to not be so selfish or ignorant or to just be happy with what you have because life is a prize a gift not a can be taken just like I'm thankful to have met all of  you wonderful people and you know who you are!  Have a happy New Year with lots of love laughter and Good health Love SahDaya

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