Thursday, November 29, 2012


Been feeling very fatigued latley, if im not singing, dancing, writing or basically I have to be doing something every minute of the day or im just mad sleepy and it's not like im doing to much I feel like I cant do enough or maybe im being impatient, smh I dagnabit got acid reflux now cus the dang chemo and radiation is still coming out of me so it's irritating at times and im sitting here smiling as im typing lol maybe its the bipolar in me that's not really worrying right now...and I do mean right now but hey life goes sailing.... smh  Happily I gotta go to Dana Farber Cancer Institution this morning to get my 1 month check up so im excited maybe she can help with my my fatigue (spirts) overall as I just babbled Im so very thankful to be here to do this to sing again dance write speak move and tho mentally emotionally physically and vocally I have changed its just like my sis said a transition it's just a transition I have to learn like riding a bike get back right....thankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthankuthankuthankuthankuthankthanku.....SahDaya

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